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Questions 4-6

By Alex Gomez

"Describe 7 things that you're grateful for in a gratitude-journal."

Thursday, September 24th
  • I felt fulfilled after yoga practice

  • I discovered a new song I like

  • It was cold but not too cold

  • Work wasn't too stressful

  • All my cool coworkers were there

  • Watched a good show

  • Ate really good pasta

Saturday, October 12th
  • Went to a farm and picked pumpkins

  • My last day at work

  • Work wasn't too busy or stressful

  • Had a good conversation with some customers

  • Received compliments about my necklace

  • Slept a long time

Sunday, October 2nd
  • Played a good game

  • Had fun with my friends

  • My first time celebrating Halloween

  • The weather was nice

  • Got lots of candy

  • Got A&W after

  • Brother brought home pizza

Thursday, November 18th
  • Yoga felt good

  • Got a drive to school

  • Got Tim Hortons

  • Had fun playing my guitar

  • My brother's birthday

  • Ate at the keg

  • Had a good cake

Saturday, December 11th
  • Had a good day at school

  • Drank lots of water

  • Sun was shining

  • Talked to a friend I haven't talked to in a while

  • Spent time with my family

  • At a resort in Florida

Saturday, December 25th
  • Christmas Day

  • Went to Disney Springs

  • Found good clothes

  • Tried a lot of good food

  • Talked to a friend I haven't talked to in a while

  • It was a warm day

  • Spent time with my family

Friday, December 31st
  • New Year's Eve

  • Spent time with my family

  • Spent time with my Ecuadorian relatives

  • Ate really good food

  • It was raining

"Describe a random act of kindness you did."

Something flew out of a stranger's truck while driving with my mom. We caught up to the stranger to let them know that something flew out, and they were very grateful for it. This made me feel good, because they likely would have gone a very long distance without realizing this. I hope that the stranger is well off right now.

"What are 5 life lessons you have learned? How did you learn them?"