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By Alex Gomez
"Create your own personal daily mantra."

I am strong. I can handle the events life throws at me. My emotions have value. I must allow myself to feel whatever it is I feel. I can remember my past. My past is an important part of me. It's ok to remember. Be kind to others. I can show softness to those around me. I can do whatever you put your mind to.

"Choose a song you relate to. How do you relate to it?"

Boy, this could be your year

You're making all man proud of you

Forget about the tears

On the level

See me eye-to-eye

Stand up like a man

Even from the underside

On the level

On the level

Man, I never had a choice

Never had a chance

Never had a voice

On the level

Carrying a name

Fall until my final days

Now who's there left to blame?

On the level

On the level

On the level

On the level

On the level

I feel as if I can relate to this song in a way I can't really describe, and I can't really understand. The lyric that resonates with me most is the part where it says “Man, I've never had a choice.” I have loved this song for a while, and every time I listen to it it helps me to remember my past and how I felt back then, because I have a hard time remembering it. I resonate most with the music aspect of this song, in the fact that I believe it describes my ambience.

"List all different things you do to relax."

How I relax:

  • Deep Breathing
    I was thoroughly informed that this was a good way to relax, and although it's temporary, it works and it is safe.
  • Taking care of plants
    My plants mean a lot to me, and it helps get my mind off the situation.
  • Doing art
    Although art can be stressful, it is also a good relaxer, and it helps get my mind off it.
  • Playing video games
    I am able to become very absorbed in video games, and it helps me forget the problem.
  • Talking to my friends
    I feel better when I hang out with my friends, and it helps get my mind off it.
  • Avoiding the situation
    Sometimes I choose to ignore the situation, and although the problem wont be solved, it helps me clear my head.
  • Tackling the situation
    Sometimes I choose to just solve the situation at hand and get it over with, and it works.

Things I would like to do to relax:

  • Playing guitar
    I don't play the guitar as much as I want to, and I believe it could be a good distraction.
  • Writing down my thoughts
    I do not have a place to express my thoughts, so I believe it would be beneficial to have an outlet.
  • Finding an outlet
    I currently do not have an outlet, so I believe it would be beneficial to find one.