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By Alex Gomez
"Describe a self-limiting belief. Where does it live inside of you?"

My self limiting belief has to do with the fact that I expect perfection out of myself, my thoughts and my emotions. I do realize that perfection can never be achieved, however I continue to implement these harsh standards upon myself because I can't accept anything less out of myself. I hold it within my mind, and it prevents me from feeling the way I naturally feel, or doing the things I naturally do. In order to let go of this, I will have to accept what I naturally request out of myself, instead of manipulating it. However, I have not let go of this because I am able to achieve more, be more and be who I envision myself to be when I control myself. By living true to myself, I would likely be a lot more healthy in terms of my mental state.

My Dosha is...

Air - also known as the Ether, it describes people who are slim, energetic and creative. They are able to think outside the box, but they become easily distracted and forgetful.

"Strike a pose!"
half moon at night
Half Moon at Night. This is in my backyard, and I chose this pose because it relates to the moon.